cardiovascular in a sentence

Only 22% had previous cardiovascular disease.

Job shower area once cardiovascular physical workout.

His cardiovascular disease had been completely reversed.

What normal cardiovascular changes are expected during pregnancy?

Reports of severe cardiovascular side effects prompted additional clinical research.

No excess weight lifting or cardiovascular programs required.

Increased cardiovascular risk factors with arterial stiffness.

Lower resting heart rate means a stronger cardiovascular fitness.

Heart disease is categorized as cardiovascular impairment.

The cardiovascular concerns are not taken lightly.

Clinical applications of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging.

Associations were strongest for cardiovascular disease mortality.

Noise has been associated with important cardiovascular health problems.

Exercise training may decrease cardiovascular mortality and sudden cardiac death.

The blood oxygen level is measured to determine cardiovascular health.

See saturated fat and cardiovascular disease controversy.

Rowing improves cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.

High blood pressure is another risk factor for cardiovascular disease .

Rowing is another excellent cardiovascular and aerobic choice.

Physical inactivity and cardiovascular mortality are linked.

The cardiovascular system is particularly at risk.

The exercise itself is gentle and yet improves cardiovascular capacity.

In particular, cardiovascular mortality increases during influenza epidemics.

Not surprisingly, running has slowed cardiovascular deaths.

In severe cases, cardiovascular failure may occur.