Capitulate in a sentence

use Capitulate in a sentence


[verb] to give in, or surrender under agreed conditions,

Following a sixweek siege, the defenders capitulated, resulting in the loss of 6,700 Continental troops, state militia, and sailors.

I was such a coward, so afraid of chasing Julie away, that I capitulated.

Public outcry was so swift and so great that the city capitulated even before a judge could rule on motions to quash.

Within a year the Soviets would capitulate on Reagan’ s terms and his forty-year quest would grace the planet.

In Egypt, that’s being interpreted as a sign Hamas will capitulate on reconciliation talks.

The violence, the terrorism was getting so out of hand they had to capitulate on this.

Whether North Korea capitulates to demands to abandon its nuclear program or the United States comes back to the bargaining table, inspections will be a crucial issue for both sides.

Some critics complained that the state government had capitulated on some of its cleanup demands.

You’re required to capitulate totally to whatever I want.