Capacious in a sentence

Use Capacious in a sentence

Capacious ;

Meaning: [adjective] spacious, able to contain or carry a lot;

These shopping packs now fills the capacious boot of the car and much of the back seat.

Capacious internal fuel tanks provided long range.

I need to buy a capacious suitcase for my long travels.

Dan crammed the whole bunch into his capacious mouth and chewed it up.

Basler have undertaken extensive modifications to the already capacious DC-3 cargo door.

In one stroke Ford had produced a van which was good looking, capacious , convenient and particularly nippy.

The saloon is sufficiently capacious to have covered 5000 men.

In the center of this room stood a bamboo cage capacious enough for six men.

The coat was capacious, a home to guns, and the boots were home to knives.

He drew out an enormous red spotted handkerchief from a capacious pocket somewhere and mopped his eye.