Cantankerous in a sentence

Use Cantankerous in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] bad-tempered; quarrelsome ;

Consumers think of diesel engines as noisy, cantankerous and smelly.

Grandmother gets very cantankerous if woken up.

He was known to be a cantankerous recluse, avoided by everyone in the county.

She is characterized as stern, cantankerous and intimidating, but with a good heart beneath.

He is a cantankerous old man who’s lived alone a lot of years.

Tending to be cantankerous in both manner and speech, Huey has demonstrated a depth of understanding that would seem to belie his young age.

Mary decided she liked old Ben, although he was sometimes cantankerous.

In fact, she was a very selfish, disagreeable, cantankerous little girl.

Peng was known for being outspoken and cantankerous .