canoeing in a sentence

The bird life while canoeing is very rewarding.

Review kayaking and canoeing safety principles here.

Avoid cotton clothes for hiking and canoeing .

Inland there are attractive narrow rivers for gentle canoeing .

Another thing was we got really into canoeing .

After lunch our final event was raft building and canoeing .

They are often associated with young males inexperienced in canoeing .

What type of things are canoeing and kayaking?

What news had they missed while canoeing off the grid?

Base camp activities include swimming, hiking and canoeing .

And he’s never been out canoeing .

Other activities such as football, tennis and canoeing are available.

Two other smaller lakes offer boat ramps for fishing and canoeing .

Just outside the park tubing, canoeing and kayaking are popular.

Activities such as canoeing or water skiing are not encouraged.

The lake is an excellent venue for canoeing and sailing.

The lake is used for swimming, fishing and canoeing .

Fishing and canoeing are allowed on the river.

She was also a hiking and canoeing enthusiast.

It is especially known for its fishing and canoeing opportunities.

It is still used for canoeing , kayaking and rowing.

In some situations canoeing refers to both canoeing and kayaking.

In some situations canoeing refers to both canoeing and kayaking.

In canoeing Australia won its first medal since 1956.

If you are canoeing , any pool is fair game.