cannot in a sentence

He cannot walk, let alone run.

I cannot do without any money.

I cannot describe my feelings.

I cannot run as fast as Jim.

She cannot do without her car.

I cannot tell how this is done.

He that cannot ask cannot live.

A man cannot be made in a mold.

He cannot take care of himself.

I’m sorry I cannot go with you.

I cannot resist eating pudding.

I cannot get in touch with him.

She cannot have gone to bed yet.

Love and cough cannot be hidden.

He cannot tell wool from cotton.

I cannot but feel sorry for him.

He cannot appreciate friendship.

She cannot control her children.

We cannot but rely on your help.

I cannot afford a long vacation.

I cannot help smiling at babies.

He cannot tell right from wrong.

I cannot but admire his courage.

His promise cannot be relied on.

I cannot tolerate noisy children.

I cannot do without a dictionary.

Unlike my brother, I cannot swim.

She cannot have told a lie to me.

I cannot help thinking about him.

I cannot comply with his request.

I, who am poor, cannot afford it.

I cannot match her in enthusiasm.