Candor in a sentence

Use Candor in a sentence


Meaning: [noun]frankness; openness; being honest in every condition,
even bad ones;

He spoke with candor when others might hide the unpleasant truth.

I appreciate everyone’s candor and your sincere and heartfelt comments.

The victim spoke with candour about the events happened that day.

The general ‘s candor is both welcome and refreshing for the court.

Candor children are taught to speak their minds at every moment.

The candor of our conversation was reasserting and reinforced by my resolve to support him.

One of the judge’s duties is to encourage candor from witnesses.

In person , Folks exhibits a startling candor and openness.

Ghusheh’s memoirs are characterized by their clarity and candor.

She answered Leeza’s questions with candor and conviction.