cancellation in a sentence

On May 7, 2006, the CBC announced the cancellation of the series.

Complete cancellation is possible for waves with equal amplitudes.

More details of the cancellation have not been disclosed as of yet.

He made his opinion clear to me several times after the cancellation.”

Michell (1988) calls this a Luce – Tukey instance of double cancellation.

E Street remained popular in the UK, despite its cancellation in Australia.

In this case, specialised products are employed to perform echo cancellation.

Junior continued to appear in Teen Titans until its cancellation in mid-1998.

He indicated that he is in good health but gave no reason for the cancellation.

On August 21 of the same year, Itoi officially confirmed the game’s cancellation.

Alternatively the cardholder may contact the issuing bank to request cancellation.

The aftermath of World War II also caused the cancellation of the 1946 tournament.

Bill McCutcheon Bill McCutcheon joined the show after the cancellation of Mr. Mayor.

If a monoid has the cancellation property and is finite, then it is in fact a group.

However, due to the cancellation of the series, plans for her to return were aborted.

Darling was also responsible for the cancellation of several major Light Rail schemes.

cancellation On May 16, 2005, NBC announced their fall schedule for the 2005-06 season.

Some scholars see these results as luckily semi-accurate due to cancellation of errors.

This arguably explained the show’s unimpressive ratings and subsequent early cancellation.

225462 A typhoon brewing in the vicinity, however, forced a cancellation of the ceremonies.