Canadian in a sentence

He married a Canadian girl.

I serve pub food to Canadian customers.

The hockey fight is a uniquely Canadian spectacle.

The Canadian dollar is currently worth about 82¢ American.

The Canadian dollar rose slightly today to 70 cents American.

Sharon Wood was the first Canadian woman to scale Mount Everest.

The winning hockey team was chiefly composed of Canadian players.

Margaret Atwood has written a number of well-known Canadian novels.

Margaret Atwood has written a number of well-known Canadian novels.

The Canadian dollar is presently worth approximately 85 cents American.

Weather is said to be an extremely important aspect of a Canadian‘s life.

The low Canadian dollar has certainly bolstered trade with the U.


A large South African firm is exploring for diamonds in the Canadian north.

The Canadian character is often seen as somewhat boring and overly cautious.

Until 1962, Canadian immigration policy was largely based on ethnic criteria.

The Toronto Stock Exchange is this country’s largest Canadian equities market.

The stereotype of a Canadian is a person who cuts down trees, and plays hockey.

My husband got the hots for a Canadian and is threatening me with divorce.

Funding for health care is a constant source of contention in Canadian politics.

There are very limited regional differences in pronunciation in Canadian English.

Wayne Gretzky was voted Canadian Sportsman of the Year in a poll of sports writers.

The Canadian dollar continues to slide in value, and is now worth 68 cents American.

It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between an American and Canadian accent.

Canadian scientists developed a mechanical arm for use on the American space shuttles.

Canadian opinion seems to be tilting towards greater acceptance of homosexual marriage.