Canadian Dollar in a sentence

The Canadian Dollar is currently worth about 82¢ American.

The Canadian Dollar rose slightly today to 70 cents American.

The Canadian Dollar is presently worth approximately 85 cents American.

The low Canadian Dollar has certainly bolstered trade with the U.


The Canadian Dollar continues to slide in value, and is now worth 68 cents American.

The overall effect of the low Canadian Dollar has been positive for the country’s export economy.

The Canadian Dollar is hovering around 80.

70 cents US, down 0.

34 cents from Wednesday’s close.

The value of the Canadian Dollar has been fluctuating between 65 and 67 cents American for the last few months.

A strong Canadian Dollar is having a dampening effect on economic growth in that country, due to its dependence on exports.

The decrease in the number of tourists visiting our northern neighbor corresponds to the increase in the value of the Canadian Dollar.

From the perspective of those involved in the export business in Canada, the low value of the Canadian Dollar is not always considered as something bad.

The increase in the value of the Canadian Dollar, and the subsequent decrease in exports, has forced the central bank to trim its forecast for economic growth to 2.

8 percent this year.