campground || in a sentence

The path curves around the lake, and then ends in the campground.

The duration of our stay at the campground will depend on the weather.

The children spent hours playing and exploring in the forest around our campground.

There will be ample time to play in the lake and run around the campground once we have the tent set up.

Lane County Parks first expressed interest in the campground in 2011.

Investigators treated for fleas in the campground burrows during the week.

It’s painting the sky grey and giving a distinctly campground aroma to the air.

David Reid was swimming at the north end of the campground when the fire started.

Trails are still closed, and upgrades to the campground at Stanhope have been delayed.

She said additionally, up to 300 campers were evacuated from another campground in the area.

849315 This one-bedroom cottage was built in 1915 on a former campground of a Methodist church.

241905 From a campground at Timpanogas Lake, hike 2 miles to Indigo Lake or explore other trails.

The Maple Pool campground in Courtenay, B.C., is home to a number of homeless residents year-round.

With the rainfall yesterday, Devil’s Backbone campground is almost completely under water — again.

Private interment was in the Upper campground Cemetery under the direction of Nelson Funeral Service.