campfire in a sentence

The wet wood hissed and smoked in the campfire.

Spirals of smoke drifted heavenward from the campfire.

The campfire was sheltered from the wind by an overhang.

Find someone who has roasted something over a campfire.

Make sure you pour water over the campfire before going to bed.

The smoke from the campfire made us choke, and burned our eyes.

The children all bunched together around the campfire to keep warm.

My dad gutted the fish we had caught while my mom got the campfire going.

We wrapped the potatoes in aluminum foil and roasted them in the campfire.

We steamed the clams over the campfire and ate them right there on the beach.

Her face is scarred by burns she received from a campfire when she was a baby.

The children roasted marshmallows around the campfire, and sang songs all evening.

You must have a permit in order to light a campfire on the beach during the summer.

After swimming in the river all afternoon, I shivered for an hour beside the campfire.

We took some collapsible chairs with us to use around the campfire when we went camping.

A fire started when a small spark from our campfire fell on a sleeping bag, and started to burn.

It is easier to start a campfire if you shave bits of a candle wax onto the wood before lighting it.

Make sure you pour water over the campfire before going to bed because even if you can’t see any flames, it could still be burning underneath.