came true in a sentence

Dreams came true.

His dream came true.

The dream came true.

Their dreams came true.

It’s time my dream came true.

My long cherished dream finally came true.

To our surprise, her prediction came true.

I’m very pleased that your dream came true.

When I met the President, all my dreams came true.

To be on the mound in the major leagues, you can say one of my dreams came true today.

Dreams come true.

Her dream has come true.

Our dream has come true, at last!
His words have come true.

Dreams sometimes come true.

My dream has come true.

It’s like a dream come true.

May all my dreams come true.

His prediction has come true.

His predictions have come true.

His prediction might come true.

His dream has come true at last.

His dream has finally come true.

I wish my dream would come true.

Her dream will one day come true.