came through in a sentence

We came through a busy street.

He came through the accident without harm.

The bottom end of the Pirates’ order came through again in the fourth.

He came through huge for us and I can’t be any more happy or proud for him.”

Kevin’s family and the American Legion says the paperwork never came through.

Patrick Dunlap came through with one touchdown, and five tackles and one safety.

“Baseball experience counts for a lot no matter where they came through,” he said.

After the (Soda) fire came through, I knew this was going to happen, said Don Eason.

Neeposh said she had trust in God came through, but her daughter’s ordeal is not over.

A smaller share of Liberal Democrat and Labour donations came through private companies.

And, after a first half plagued with drops, the Lions receivers came through in the clutch.

Law enforcement members have been running across the state and came through Yakima Thursday.

The overnight rain that came through Augusta softened up the already birdie-friendly greens.

“So, Huma now is one of the people that it all sort of came through… Who is Huma married to?

Just as she did to beat the Indiana Fever, though, the 2014 MVP came through with the answer.

The boy was in a car with his family near Holly Springs when a tornado came through the area.

Asian Americans, gay Americans, Americans with disabilities – they all came through those doors.

That’s where the branch came through the ceiling, and I was sititng right there when it happened.

912155 We needed a big game from him tonight and he came through,”” Redden said of Garrison Keene.”

About 15,000 of the 150,000 migrants who arrived in Italy in 2015 came through the port of Pozzallo.

But Pierce came through as the clock hit zero, falling to his back on the court with both arms raised.