calendar in a sentence

The word “months” means calendar months.

Occasionally using different calendars has caused confusion between contemporaries.

Roman calendars show roughly forty annual religious festivals.

The word “month” means calendar month.

An editorial calendar helps ensure consistent blog posting.

A current calendar is available upon request.

Each school authority sets its yearly calendar .

There was a problem reading lotus notes calendar entries.

Thus the lunar calendar loses 45 days every four years.

The calendar countdown has begun – 5 months from today!

The program handles appointments via the calendar screen.

calendar of training opportunities is available online .

Online calendar does not reflect last minute availability.

Below are a few calendar weeks ago.

Its biggest advantage is the calendar section.

It includes all calendar days unless otherwise expressly noted.

Day means calendar day unless otherwise specified.

This was generally tied to calendar systems.

The data covers calendar 2011 and 2012.

The academic calendar is organized around the semester.

The academic schedule roughly follows the standard university calendar .

The majority floor leader sets the floor calendar during session.

calendar view shows which tasks are due.

Treaty benefits are granted per calendar year.