Caldron in a sentence

Use Caldron in a sentence

Caldron ;

Meaning: [noun]huge metal cooking pot;

Can you draw a witch’s cauldron with an old man preparing spells?

Then he swung the caldron over the gleaming coals.

She continues to stir the caldron.

It was boiled in great caldrons , together with tar, tallow and oak bark.

Fortunes were made and lost in a day in that seething caldron of speculation.

A caldron was set up in the corner with a small, contained fire flickering underneath it.

And there was a witches’ cauldron full of golden soup.

this whole article is a leap deep into the fairytale caldron of myths that drive the false paradigm.

In the meantime, the witches fix a charm by preparing a boiling caldron , taking turns casting hideous and venomous objects into the stew and muttering incantations.