Cajole in a sentence

Use Cajole in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] to persuade someone to do something by making promises;

We are doing our best to cajole rich people into helping the poor.

She cajoles Jeff to consume more alcohol.

The teacher cajoles the students into doing their best.

You can’t cajole them into moving here without upheaval.

I finally managed to cajole Sue to take part in our school organisation.

He kept trying to cajole me into playing the game which I hate.

She flatters and cajoles him until he agrees to return to Moscow.

At most a mediator can advise, persuade or cajole them towards agreement.

We’re being coerced and cajoled into wasting our time.

She referenced one episode where Homer Simpson cajoles the family off the couch .

The bosses threatened, cajoled and bribed people to cross the picket line.