Cacophony in a sentence

Use Cacophony in a sentence


Meaning: [noun]unpleasant and disturbing loud noises;

A cacophony of ships’sirens filled the air.

They played rock, which to me was a meaningless cacophony.

Liverpool entered the pitch to a cacophony of noise.

A cacophony of voices in a many foreign languages filled the classroom.

The world has a cacophony of contradicting ideas and philosophies.

I hate this cacophony of car horns in big cities like Istanbul.

There is a ceaseless cacophony of motorcycle horns, loud music and yelling voices in the main street of the town.

When you listen to the school band, a cacophony of violins, clarinets and trumpets fills the air.

The open outcry floor became a cacophony of shouting traders and pit cards.

This painting style created a cacophony of colors and forms with a very pleasing appearance.