bypass || in a sentence

Let’s bypass the protection circuit.

Her father died during a difficult triple bypass operation.

We decided to bypass Montreal and go straight to Quebec City.

They bypassed the committee and went directly to the boss for help.

The bypass around Nanaimo has shortened the trip north considerably.

Take the Quinton bypass and then turn left off the Springfield exit.

Find someone who knows of someone who has had bypass surgery.

If we bypass L.A., we can get there in half the time.

The new highway bypasses the little town and makes the trip much faster.

The surgeon will use veins taken from the patient’s leg to bypass the blocked artery.

Find someone who thinks there should be a bylaw against smoking in public buildings.

Former President Bill Clinton had to have heart bypass surgery due to blockages in some arteries.

The patient’s bypass surgery was a great success, and he is feeling one hundred percent better already.

Mary Kay Blakely once suggested that divorce is the psychological equivalent of a triple coronary bypass.

Once in a movie, it was said of a particularly ruthless businessman that “he had an ethical bypass at birth.

We had so much trouble with our manager that we decided to bypass his boss, who wasn’t helping, and go straight to the top.

An investigation has found that the accident occurred because employees were encouraged to bypass certain safety procedures in order to speed up production.

The entire Regina bypass project will take several years to complete.

There will be a temporary bypass road in place until early September.

That bypasses the complexities and legal fights around carryover basis.

He said it’s possible to “bypass any specific registry permissions set.”

Three of the passengers who bypassed customs have yet to be tracked down.

Sugar then told him to “shut up”, adding that he’d had “a charisma bypass”.

“I’m just so happy about today,” Holt said about the opening of the bypass.

264892 He bypassed the steps to the stage, scrambling onto it on his stomach.