By inclination in a sentence

By inclination the young Prince was a romantic, a child of his time.

Hostettler was a hawk by inclination (he strongly supported the Strategic Defense Initiative).

Sometimes I’m very, very glad I’m not a nativist by inclination or profession.

All three seem to have been Protestants by inclination , but not openly so at the time.

Jewish by birth, atheist by inclination .

That he is not a wing by inclination matters little.

In reality Diana is a loner by inclination and habit.

Despite this, Gambino was low-key by inclination .

By way of compensation the Goliaths are tough and persistent by inclination .

Inadequate women, some of them, both by nature and by inclination .

Kant thinks that all of our actions, whether motivated by inclination or morality, must follow some law.

Marius, “a farmer by birth and a soldier by inclination “, started out as no revolutionary.

Hugenberg himself was authoritarian by inclination and had long favoured scrapping Weimar’s democracy and replacing it with an authoritarian system.

He has been called “a corsetmaker by trade, a journalist by profession, and a propagandist by inclination “.