Bustle in a sentence

Definition of Bustle

to move or walk around in a noisy or busy manner; busy activity, hurry

Use Bustle in a sentence

Living in the noise and bustle of a large city, we sometimes feel like going into the country.

They bustled into the house, the snow and wind howling through the open doorway too, making it hard to close the door behind them.

The corridors bustled with staff and students.

He bustled around his desk, shuffling some papers, and fished one out.

they got all dressed up and bustled up to the front door where everybody could see them.

Some streets bustle with duty-free stores, cheesy souvenir shops and national chain fast food eateries.

The sun goes down slowly; the bustle is coming to an end.

She bustled cheerily into the room and banged the shutters open with a crash.

The man bustled through the door, bags of food under his arms.