businessman in a sentence

A Japanese businessman bought the artwork for million yen.

Find someone who knows someone who is a successful businessman.

A rich businessman was kidnapped at gunpoint by four masked men.

The businessman was walking around his office like a caged animal.

Police are investigating the disappearance of a local businessman.

It is obvious that he is a good businessman because he is very rich.

Police are still looking for clues in the murder of a local businessman.

An anonymous businessman has donated a million dollars to the university.

When I was young, I had visions of myself at 40 as a successful businessman.

The businessman was leading too busy a life to spend weekends with his family.

The businessman flicked a piece of lint off his shoulder as he entered the room.

The disappearance of a local businessman has resulted in a murder investigation.

A popular local businessman is being hyped as a possible candidate for governor.

The ransom paid to obtain freedom for the kidnapped businessman was over $500,000.

Jack is philosophically a socialist, but he is a successful businessman in practice.

The wealthy businessman vanished from his home last week, and police are investigating.

Police have yet to determine the underlying motive in the attack on a local businessman.

He is a ruthless businessman who has climbed to the top on the backs of those around him.

He is a fabulously wealthy businessman, and lives in a huge mansion right on the waterfront.

The businessman stopped at the hotel front desk to inquire whether there had been any messages for him.

There is a Chinese proverb which suggests that he who has never been cheated, cannot be a good businessman.

Once in a movie, it was said of a particularly ruthless businessman that “he had an ethical bypass at birth.

My grandfather was quite a learned man for his time and place but he just wasn’t cut out to be a businessman.

businessman Andrew Carnegie donated about $330 million to libraries, research projects, and world peace endeavors.

There is a Chinese proverb which suggests that he who does not know what to do in his spare time is not a businessman.

The businessman killed himself because he didn’t want to bring shame on his family for his involvement in the scandal.

The writings of Machiavelli continue to have relevance for the modern, ruthless businessman bent on success at all cost.

A local businessman has rewarded a young boy’s good deed of helping the homeless by giving him a scholarship for university.

He was able to make friends with the glamorous rich, and attend their parties by pretending to be a rich European businessman.

He totally sacrificed his marriage and his family for his career, and now he finds himself a very successful, lonely businessman.