business executive in a sentence

He defied convention by quitting his job as a successful business executive to pursue a career as a musician.

He is a business executive who has stewarded the fortunes of three major insurance companies.

Herman Platt (1909-2005) was an American business executive and philanthropist.

Warren James Nelson III, born September 16, 1950, is an American business executive and entrepreneur.

Joe becomes increasingly involved with a new business executive named Josie, and their relationship is discovered.

Gordon R. Parker is a business executive notable for leading the Gold Fields unit of Toronto -based Iamgold corporation.

Melville Eastham (June 26, 1885 – May 6, 1964) was a noted American radio pioneer and business executive.

Researchers present the research selected to business executives at the yearly meeting of the International Insurance Society.
He was hired in 2011 as president, succeeding another former business executive who also lacked experience in academia.

Poor human rights performance is not just an issue for business executives‘ consciences: there is a cost impact.

And as a business executive, he once said that it would take a federal solution to reduce the number of uninsured Americans.

And listening to German business executives for the last couple of days, it seems there is much at stake for the German economy.

Earlier this year, its mobile business executive said the company will reduce the portion of ads and promotional fees to revenues.