bus lines in a sentence

There are multiple local bus lines form the city transportation system.

The city public transportation consists nowadays by 13 bus lines .

There are 36 bus lines and 2 tram lines.

They operate on nine different bus lines .

The city operates 49 bus lines including night and airport buses.

Several bus lines operate within the borough.

bus lines 29 and 45 also stop nearby.

Several bus lines also service residents and visitors inside city limits.

In the town there are several regular bus lines .

LA Metro operates other regional bus lines .

Most share taxi lines coincide with intracity bus lines .

A number of bus lines complete the Frankfurt public transport system.

Madison is on the rapid transit Metro bus lines .

Other bus lines that run through the neighborhood are the .

All of the local villages are also connected via bus lines .

There are about 400 bus lines in Chengdu.

Local bus lines were also a popular form of travel.

The city of Flint is served by various bus lines .