Burnish in a sentence

Use Burnish in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] polish;

Pottery includes both burnished and glazed objects.

When burnished, copper becomes fiery and shimmers intensely like gold.

The shoes are hand burnished and crafted.

Creating the polished finish with the stone is called burnishing .

Before firing, ceramics can be burnished or polished to a fine sheen with a smooth instrument, usually a stone.

The sun just burnishing the barley seas.

The plate’s surface is then burnished to produce lighter tones.

His burnished armour glinted in the light of the setting sun.

A smooth stone is used to burnish the surface.

The surplus leaf is then dusted off with cotton wool prior to burnishing.

Fashion forecaster and early visitor Jaana Jatyri said the show would further burnish McQueen’s legacy.

In both cases, a burnishing tool rubs against the workpiece and plastically deforms its surface.

Burnishing tools can also be used for certain stone setting techniques.