Burgeon in a sentence

Use Burgeon in a sentence


Meaning: [verb]grow; flourish; put forth new shoots;

The burgeoning air transport industry is presenting huge opportunities for enterprise.

The country faces a burgeoning insurgency, including a branch of the Anti-State group.

This allowed the burgeoning town to attract more settlers.

Once again, the burgeoning museum sought another, larger location.

A large part of the newly burgeoning middle class has plummeted into poverty and given up hope.

An underground music scene was already burgeoning in some unknown bars in Manila.

The burgeoning social media revolution has invented new ways to engage audiences.

Israel passes Antiquities Law to stop burgeoning trade in ancient artifacts.

This poster also helped the burgeoning popularity of the series.

The conflict in Syria is gaining new urgency amid the burgeoning migrant crisis.