Buoyant in a sentence

use Buoyant in a sentence


[adjective] Able to float on a liquid or rise in air;

Wood is a very buoyant material.

Using buoyant materials in devices is against the rules of swimming.

Use buoyant bait such as peanuts or bollies which will pull the hook upwards away from the ground.

The buoyant shells could float for considerable distances (potentially hundreds of kilometres) before becoming waterlogged and sinking.

[adjective] rising (prices, economy);

Unemployment is low, growth is buoyant and retail sales growth is accelerating.

[adjective] cheerful, happy and confident;

In the car on the way back to the hotel, his father is buoyant with the pleasure of the day’s work done well.

Herzing, 58, is buoyant and optimistic, the kind of person for whom the word ” visionary ” seems fitting.

His normally buoyant personality had changed; he had about him an air of melancholy.