Bulwark in a sentence

Use Bulwark in a sentence

Meaning: [noun]something protecting from a bad situation;barricade; wall;

Political freedom and economic progress are great bulwarks against terrorism.

Bulwarks are used to block enemies from a certain area.

They replaced the old fence with a new better stone bulwark .

It became a status symbol and emotional bulwark against the rude commercial world.

The fort was meant to be a bulwark against the English who were competing with the French for control of the fur trade.

Coral reefs serve as bulwarks that allow sediment to accumulate between them and the shore, cutting off sediment supply to deeper water.

Chicanos became the bulwark of southwestern agriculture.

To the contrary, it became a bulwark against Russian expansion, and cooperated with the British.

During one ferocious storm the ship lost the top of the main-mast and heavy seas stove in the bulwarks, washing everything moveable off the deck.