budge in a sentene

She will not budge an inch No matter what anyone says.

We tried to persuade them, but they would not budge,” said Srichandi.

The ruling may budge a couple, but probably not Texas, the biggest prize.

The result is a long-standing stalemate, as neither side is willing to budge.

The Mustang driver appeared to try to wave the man away, but he didn’t budge.

Ann budge (right) joined John Swinney and Nicola Sturgeon at Tynecastle Stadium.

On Monday, Kyiv warned it will raise gas transit tariffs if Russia doesn’t budge.

Because picking sides and refusing to budge only further separates us from each other.

The DNC denies the claim, but has refused to budge on the scheduling or number of debates.

616290 She recalled a night in the barracks, when someone said, Marussja, budge up a bit.”

While Byron asked that the bill be reduced to about $400, council members refused to budge.