Brooklyn || in a sentence

A major riot broke out in Brooklyn today. Two people were killed, and a dozen injured in the violence.

Brooklynn used to dream that she would someday own a sprawling farm.

Scandinavians seem to have taken a special liking to Brooklyn‘s brew.

The Brooklyn Nets host Atlanta, trailing the Hawks 2-1 in that series.

The Suns play their game on Tuesday when they visit the Brooklyn Nets.

I was beyond thrilled to not be going through Downtown Brooklyn again.

Juraboev and Saidakhmetov were due in court in Brooklyn later in the day.

Jamie Prefontaine, known as Brooklyn of Winnipeg’s Most, died on Tuesday.

Your reminder will be sent Doreen St. Félix is a writer living in Brooklyn.

Ingels was born Martin Ingerman in Brooklyn and later moved to Los Angeles.

Though he now calls the West home, Bakshi is still a Brooklyn kid at heart.

Watch: Leah Beth Fishman, a Brooklyn-based gilder, on making art from money.

On the advice of his mentor, he pursued a law degree at Brooklyn Law School.

723126 The friend was holding Brooklynn and said she thought she’d been shot.

In one shop in Brooklyn, more detailed pumpkin portraits can cost up to $500.

They figure the average black person is going to Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens.”

Would you accept a Betty Smith ripoff titled, A Typewriter Pounds In Brooklyn?

Swan Lake with a black male partner, Brooklyn Mack, with the Washington Ballet.

She took night and weekend classes at Brooklyn College while working full time.

The 28-year-old Pakistani man is defending himself in federal court in Brooklyn.

Apple is driving vans filled with sensors in Brooklyn and San Francisco suburbs.

Buy the print » “This was a uniquely Brooklyn story,” Cohen said the other night.

People pass by a T-Mobile store in the Brooklyn borough of New York June 4, 2015.

For your Brooklyn week of shows you have a scheduled appearance from Donald Trump.

790523 The Riveters will start playing out of a rink in Brooklyn, N.Y., this fall.