bronze medal in a sentence

Bulgaria were sensational winners of bronze medals .

This was their second consecutive world bronze medal .

Romania finishing third claimed the bronze medal .

Brazil tallied five silver and nine bronze medals .

Men’s 100 m freestyle bronze medal .

Czechoslovakia won the bronze medal in 1972.

The recognition is engraved on a bronze medal .

It won 42 gold, 37 silver and 27 bronze medals .

Third, fourth and fifth receive bronze medals .

The team finished third, winning the bronze medal .

U.S. adds 3 more bronze medals in Torino!

There were bronze medals too for the Junior men.

Also impressive were the number of silver and bronze medal wins.

bronze medals are awarded to students in secondary school ROTC units.

The bronze medal was won by the USA.

Sweden won against Germany 3–1 for the bronze medal .

The Canadians finished with the bronze medal .

They fenced Italy for the bronze medal .