broken-hearted in a sentence

Everybody’s pretty broken-hearted today,”” he said.”

On Thursday night, Ryan got to strut triumphantly past his broken-hearted ex.

Also at the beginning of “broken-hearted Girl”, they forgot to bring back the white robe for Knowles.

Ryzhova, broken-hearted and humiliated, asks Samokhvalov to return the letters to her and gets back to her normal life.

Toni is broken-hearted and furious, and Eddie seethes at her “mistreatment” by Reeves.

“I was broken-hearted, and I suppose recollections like this provided the impetus for my present shows. 31.6277

Emperor Paul set Novikov free, but the latter was too scared and broken-hearted to resume his journalistic activities.

But she hails from LA where, as a broken-hearted teen, she started writing songs on a toy piano she’d been given as a gift.

His happiness was short; she died in 1758, leaving him almost broken-hearted.

Once again Dot was left alone, broken-hearted at what her own son had been prepared to do to her.

Aya is coming back home, but she is broken-hearted and feels hard and uncomfortable with her friends.

She is at her best on stage, spokesperson for the disenfranchised and broken-hearted.

And she had been left bereft, broken-hearted.

The world might have been at war, but no less cataclysmic is the individual anguish of the broken-hearted, so claims Elizabeth Smart’s prose poem.

There he had met a distraught Isobel and her broken-hearted schoolgirl sister, Dorothy.