broader in a sentence

The shark sanctuary is already inspiring broader change.

The overall alcohol problem is far broader .

My broader point is still unchanged though.

This locus may provide broader regulatory function instead.

broader primary school curriculum was developed.

But broader filtering has mostly been resisted .

Cities inevitably reflect broader national and regional trends.

My ambitions are much broader and more personal.

We begin by examining broader industry trends.

The broader and more difficult question remains.

Several broader contextual considerations reinforce this conclusion.

More staff may mean a broader curriculum.

Their continued success requires planting roots within the broader population.

Developing commercial awareness and broader functional experience.

We are taking the broader view here.

The view has become a bit broader .

This broader possibility is accommodated by later definitions.

The broader area is rich in woodlands.

Keeping membership share prices low also encourages broader membership.

Some episodes deal with broader topics concerning disaster.