Bristle in a sentence

Use Bristle in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] to show irritation ;

Meredith bristled at his rudeness and whirled around , hot with temper .

Azog bristled with anger and killed the brutish commander.

One of the men bristled visibly as the others smiled their pleasant responses.

She glared into his face, bristling with outrage.

Sir John pushed back his chair, his red face bristling with rage.

Anthony Robinson, now 18, came to Children’s Village four years ago, bristling with anger at a time when his mother was unable to care for him.

Hamilton bristles at suggestions his car has won more races than he has.

Marks bristled when a reporter suggested that the Cougars were using the bad weather as an excuse.

And researchers bristle at the idea that these kinds of medical advances should have been immediate.