breathe in a sentence

Hardly had he arrived at the hospital when he breathed his last.

The air is so polluted that it’s almost difficult to breathe there.

It is nice to go hiking, and breathe the pure air of the mountains.

Scuba divers breathe compressed air from tanks they wear on their backs.

The policeman tried to calm the victim by getting her to breathe slowly.

The man was able to breathe in a small pocket of air in the overturned ship.

Dolphins don’t automatically breathe, they have to tell themselves to do it.

The hairs in your nose help to filter out any tiny particles that are breathed in.

And then I breathe a sigh from melancholy in being unable to do anything about it.

It is difficult to breathe through your nose when you are doing vigorous exercise.

Alice Embree once noted that humans must breathe, but corporations must make money.

The boys’ locker room was sure ripe after the game, I could hardly breathe in there.

He breathes through his mouth at night, which causes him to wake up with a dry mouth.

The Bible tells us that human life began when God breathed life into a handful of dust.

David Sarnoff once said that freedom is the oxygen without which science cannot breathe.

In one year, the average tree gives off enough oxygen to allow four people to breathe for a year.

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt once observed that we breathe, we think, we conceive of our lives as narratives.

The entire country breathed a sigh of relief at the news that the President had survived an assassination attempt.

I find that clothing made of synthetic fibers makes me sweat a lot because it doesn’t breathe as well as natural fibers.

Up to the age of six or seven months, a child can breathe and swallow at the same time.

An adult cannot do this.

Kangaroo rats carry their own water source within them, producing fluids from the food they eat, and the air they breathe.

I prefer clothes made from natural fabrics because they breathe better, so you don’t get hot and uncomfortable wearing them.

You can’t commit suicide by holding your breath, you would soon lose consciousness, and then start to breathe automatically.

Gortex is a wonderful fabric which is basically water-proof, but which breathes at the same time, so you don’t get all sweaty.

Frogs have their eyes and nose on top of their head, which allows them to breathe and see when most of their body is under water.

Luther Standing Bear once observed that a bond exists between all things because they all drink the same water and breathe the same air.

Baby chicks are able to breathe inside the egg through tiny holes in the shell which allow oxygen to get in, and carbon dioxide to get out.