Braggart in a sentence

Use Braggart in a sentence


Meaning: [noun]someone who boasts or talks too proudly about what she or he has done;

Bill was quite the liar and braggart and conman.

Ernie is a braggart who frequently teases Antonio.

Despite his unmatched skill , Bryterion is no braggart.

Johnny was a show-off – a balding braggart who was later proved to be a liar.

He is a self-centered , loud-mouth braggart who likes to take credit for others’ work.

He may have been a braggart and a boaster””, writes Rupert Gould, “”but there is no evidence that he was a deliberate liar”.

Agunda, who realizes that she doesn’t want to marry such a braggart, asks her father to make him prove this.

Concerning his relationship with the colonists, Smith is considered by historical and literary critics to be an arrogant braggart.