box number in a sentence

I assume it is post office box number .

I never wrote to that box number .

Please include your box number on all correspondence.

box number at the newspaper was given for replies.

The gong would strike out the call box number .

I wrote that night to the box number .

The box number was changed to 5164 on later envelopes.

The control codes can be used with any mail box number .

Many times these crooks are nothing BUT a box number .

Mail with P.O. box numbers only does not qualify.

It also shows the box number used to make the line.

He starts the Police radio transmitter and announces the box number twice.

Station bell rings with box number .

When activated, it displays a safe deposit box number in Zürich.

These will mostly be box numbers .

Write the “PMB” first, then the box number .

Be wary of PO box numbers .

Punch tape records box number .

The default is mail box number 0 for use with the standard mail printer defined below.

Confirms street address of box number , even if he knows it by heart.

Some applicants use a Post Office box number to avoid disclosure of a physical address.

Please no PO box numbers !

The mailman keeps getting our post office box number , and our area code mixed up.

Post Office box numbers with the town, city, and zip code are acceptable addresses.

What is the Post Office box number of the ‘Aquarian Advisory Service?