bouts || in a sentence

Of his 61 career bouts, Muhammad Ali won 56 and lost only 5.

Author Pearl Buck once said, “Being a woman, my work has had to be done between bouts of homemaking.

He has occasional bouts of depression, but has been able to deal with the problem without medication.

Even after years of performing on stage, Beatle John Lennon was still prone to serious bouts of nervousness before a show.

He says two of his friends died competing in these unofficial bouts.

Both of her parents were killed during one of Burundi’s bouts of ethnic violence.

Get ready for longer bouts of aimless scrolling on nights you’re feeling indecisive.

Mexico’s Alvarez, 25, has won 32 of his 47 bouts by knockout and has just one defeat.

I’ve had bouts when a certain mom has passed where I didn’t get out of bed for two weeks.

If this is normality, it may be a special Greek kind that involves serial bouts of crisis.

The reverse also occurs: Avid boxing fans watching bouts on Showtime will hear about the CBS events.