Bountiful in a sentence

Use Bountiful in a sentence

Bountiful ;

Meaning: [adjective] Producing or giving in abundance, generous ;

God is bountiful.

There are also bountiful opportunities for a student at that university.

May your career in Leeds be a bountiful one.

bountiful supply of books, games and jigsaws can be found but why not just relax and indulge in conversation.

Just before lunch there was a bountiful, and colourful display of all the vegetables and herbs harvested in the garden

After a bountiful harvest season, winter was unusually short and warm, especially so in the coastal city of Varloon.

This bountiful collection of recently published essays and articles will be wholeheartedly greeted by Gardner’s fans, as well as by new readers.

This great, glorious, bountiful country has an enviable lifestyle and can offer you plenty of work and adventure.

Drinks were given to everyone in gold goblets and the food was bountiful.

Internet-accessible magazines are a bountiful source for scanner information.