boundless in a sentence

His once boundless energy was taken away from him.

My admiration of the man and his works is boundless.”

Its dark aura when unleashed can cause boundless destruction.

When Leaven asks him what is out there, he answers: “boundless human stupidity”.

The type of information that is shared and learned in a CoP is boundless (Dalkir 2005).

He’s full of boundless energy and nothing makes him happier than being the center of attention.

Bentninck’s motive was ostensibly to “regenerate” society, but the ramifications were boundless.

His profound love of Christ and dedication to the ministry of the Universal Church is boundless.

It was designed as a boundless playground and features a high level of accessibility and interactive play.

Altogether there was much of the wildness of a frontier town and a seemingly boundless promise of prosperity.

Disillusionment As it could be expected, when they arrived on August 13, Marie’s disillusionment was boundless.

Each possessed longevity, boundless ambition, extraordinary organizing skill, and greatness on the battlefield.

She is the source of boundless diet and savings plans, all of which fail within the first week or even first day.

Ferris refers to this phenomenon as a boundless steadily increasing and changing universe with a changing density.

Unless a space is uniform and boundless, every location will have some degree of uniqueness relative to the other locations.

Within viractual creation all signs are subject to boundless semiosis – which is to say that they are translatable into other signs.

But French readers’ appetite for comic books is boundless, with 35 million sold last year.

Blatter, who often impresses observers with his boundless energy, has been FIFA president since 1998.