boost in a sentence

Any subsequent intermediate cutting temporarily boosts forage production.

Most current fission weapons contain boosted warheads.

boost pressure during hard acceleration under ideal conditions is approximately .

An appropriate market mix helps boost sales.

Does raw milk improve forage quality and boost beef production?

boost lead generation by leveraging virtual events.

The melt did little to boost reservoirs.

A $30 dues hike in 2012 helped boost revenues.

This boosted maintenance costs and impacted production efficiency.

Strong demand conditions boosted most manufacturing industries.

The key here is boosting the voting percentage.

They are both herbal teas that promote immune boosting qualities.

The cloud boosts network infrastructure investment in lower income economies.

Type 2 diabetes already boosts bladder cancer risk by 40%.

This product really does boost my energy level.

It boosts excellent offensive and defensive capabilities.

A large vaccination campaign was conducted to boost vaccination coverage.

The living conditions alone were enough to boost morale.

Regular ferry services have boosted tourism visitor numbers.

Full electric boost is available in fixed gear modes.