bombardment in a sentence

The naval bombardment began a few hours later.

The mutual bombardment continued into the next day.

This failure was blamed on insufficient bombardment.

Capt. Koening was from the 45th bombardment Squadron.

The city of Wesel lies in ruin after Allied bombardment.

They could call in sea and air bombardment very quickly.

Ramillies moved out of range and continued her bombardment.

Preliminary assault bombardment was continued the next day.

These are produced by cosmic ray bombardment of its surface.

At 23:40 on 28 May a naval bombardment commenced from the north.

The bombardment killed and injured an unknown number of civilians.

Its components were the 46th, 47th, and 48th bombardment Squadrons.

She also made occasional voyages to Tinian for bombardment missions.

The local resistance had been broken by artillery and air bombardment.

That duty-including shore bombardment missions-lasted until 26 December.

The allied battleships and cruisers begin the bombardment of the beaches.

The bombardment began at 10 a.m. on 11 April and lasted for several hours.

On 21 May 1942 the Germans launched a bombing and bombardment of the city.

Thirteen U.S. soldiers were injured and two killed during the bombardment.

The 485th was transferred back to the 21st bombardment Wing (Nov 1943 – on).

In total the British suffered 7,500 casualties during this bombardment alone.

Lost bombardment mission in 1982 and equipped with KC-135 and KC-10 aircraft.

Seven days later she took part in the night bombardment of Minami Daito Jima.

Initially the bombardment was methodical and relentless without being intense.

Eleven Japanese soldiers were killed by the naval bombardment or assault troops.