Blunderbuss in a sentence

Use Blunderbuss in a sentence

Blunderbuss ;

Meaning: [noun]1. an ancient weapon2. a clumsy person ;

Mocked as a blunderbuss , he was in fact a meticulous manager.

The Chef shoots it down with his blunderbuss.

Throughout the 18th century many blunderbusses in both brass and steel barrels were manufactured.

The Indians were armed with a few old Spanish blunderbuss muskets and with bows and arrows.

He described minimum pricing as a ” blunderbuss ” of a policy that would punish people indiscriminately.

Osborne , by contrast, was immediately hit by a blunderbuss of angry, condescending and bilious tweets.

People were firing blunderbusses.

The blunderbuss could be considered an early shotgun, and served in similar roles.

Despite being a gentle soul, she’s amazingly adept at getting a good laugh at the expense of her blunderbuss of a husband, George.