bluetooth in a sentence

Either that, or the whole of the bluetooth protocol needs to be upgraded.

It includes a heart rate monitor and bluetooth to link up with smartphones.

Braven’s BRV-PRO rugged bluetooth speaker + See all 32 The BRV-PRO is tough.

The winner of the bluetooth Speaker is Ernie Davis from Vancouver in Canada.

Apple says that the keyboard shortcuts will also work with bluetooth keyboards.

On boot, the Asus Chromebit offered to pair with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Equipped with bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Xl Dock also connects the iPhone to the Xl.

Samsung claims 11 hours of battery life with both bluetooth and noise cancellation on.

Hopefully, you’ll be happy using your bluetooth device to control all those functions.

You do, however, get the basics: GPS, bluetooth 4.0, Cat 4 LTE and 2.4GHz WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

The Android tool uses bluetooth to detect when friends and family running the app are nearby.

After setup, though, you can add a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, then unplug the USB devices.

Or blast that business direct to the speakers via bluetooth, either built-in or through a kit.

The Onelink alarm primarily relies on bluetooth, using that to speak with iPhones in the home.

These include headphones (either on-ear, in-ear, or over-ear) and a floating bluetooth speaker.

Almost all of those work over bluetooth, but the Twist speaker bulb streams music with AirPlay.

The Revolights Eclipse Plus syncs with bluetooth and is being fulfilled through Kickstarter now.

Other connectivity includes full-sized and micro USB ports, bluetooth 4.0, and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.

And what kid, mom, dad or grad wouldn’t love a bluetooth speaker that can go just about anywhere?

A smartphone app (Android or iOS) lets you power it on and stream video via WiFi or bluetooth 4.0.

The 55- and the 65-inch ones even have full ultra HD resolution, built-in WiFi, bluetooth and NFC.

Share Save The Mini utilizes a bluetooth 4 to connect with your mobile device (up to 30 feet away).

Call quality is the most important aspect of any bluetooth headset, and the Voyager Edge excels here.