blockbuster in a sentence

Viehbacher said pricing pressure on its blockbuster diabetes treatment Lantus in the key U.S. market would continue to hamper sales growth into 2015.

The film was also a blockbuster hit in Sweden.

This album was followed by several blockbuster albums in Telugu and Tamil.

He further criticized the song as “empty” as a “summer blockbuster; like Spidey”.

blockbuster Video and Cinemark Theatres are also based in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Since then, she had played against many leading men in movies that became blockbusters.

Yajamaana, Raktakanneeru, Jogi, Mungaru Male were some of the blockbusters commercially.

Occasionally there is also a Special Family Day accompanying our blockbuster exhibitions.

In the pilot program, blockbuster offered selected titles for rental and sale in 250 stores.

It is seen as a potential blockbuster for Vincent; Ari goes to Dana Gordon to acquire the role.

It has been claimed that there are more than 43 million U.S. households with blockbuster memberships.

On February 23, 2001, the Wizards were involved in a blockbuster trade days before the trading deadline.

Death of blockbuster Dick plays a key role in exposing the corruption in the Blüdhaven Police Department.

The same applies to blockbusters like Juraj Jakubisko’s A Thousand-Year Old Bee (Tisícrocná vcela, 1983).

The film was declared a blockbuster, after earning Rs 22.22 crore net gross after seven weeks of running.

The 2004 film Night Watch (Nochnoy dozor), based on the book, was regarded as “the first Russian blockbuster.”

In 1966, they recorded two blockbuster albums, “We Must Be Doing Something Right”, and “Wanted Dead or Alive”.

The review closes by calling The Strain a “rattling piece of escapism” with a “predictable” blockbuster ending.

Pink has responded to audience demand by airing blockbuster, action, drama, thriller, romantic and comedy films.

It was the first “blockbuster” Broadway show, running a total of 2,212 performances, and was made into a hit film.

This contrasts sharply with mainstream “blockbuster” movies, which are geared more towards escapism and pure entertainment.

1987 version When NBC revived blockbusters in 1987, the solo-vs.-family pair contest was changed to two solo players competing.