Blithe in a sentence

Use Blithe in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]seeming not to care, free-spirited; carefree;

A child is often ignorant of consequences, blithe about dangers.

Mark only laughed, angering me with his blithe reaction.

At other times he was quite blithe, spending hours practicing his golf swing in the corridor outside his office.

Or as the poet once put it: ‘Hail to thee blithe spirit!

We can’t just blithely pretend that everything is the same.

The pair refuse to listen, blithely dismissing every suspicion or inconsistency he cites.

Thomson was blithely unaware of the poisonous nature of the plant and used to trick other boys into eating it which caused them to vomit.

She had a child three or four years of age, well dressed, very blithe, and looking well fed.

The wee birds piped their songs so blithe and gay;
The bluebells covered every bank and …