Blindness in a sentence

He made up his mind to jog in spite of his blindness.

If you shake a baby, even lightly, it could cause brain damage, blindness or death.

He doesn’t consider his blindness to be a disability, to him, it is simply a challenge.

The villagers’ blindness was caused by a parasite living in the river near their homes.

Tharon also refused to let his blindness become the center of his life.

Color blindness is a huge consideration when building a safety-related product.

The accident seemed to leave nothing more than scars and blindness in his left eye.

Some of them have uveitis, inflammation that if left untreated can lead to blindness.

Common deformities include dragged feet, claw hands and blindness through limp eyelids.

The CNIB defines legal blindness as worse than or equal to 20/200 vision with correction.

Glaucoma is a progressive cause of blindness caused by deterioration of the eye’s optic nerve.

Severe complications, which can include brain damage and blindness, occur in around 30% of cases.

I didn’t have any problems this week, but guess what the other common form of color blindness is?

The inventor of laser-eye surgery thinks he can rid the world of blindness in the next ten years.

The bout raised money for CharityVision, an organization that provides surgeries to heal blindness.

“Captured staff and government officials suffer from wishful blindness rather than corruption per se.

Its symptoms include disfiguring skin conditions and visual impairment, including permanent blindness.