Blighted in a sentence

Use Blighted in a sentence

Blighted ;

Meaning: [adjective] damaged; destroyed; ruined ;

The impoverished town is blighted with vacant buildings and plagued by violent crime.

Almost 100 bombs blighted this tiny township during the war.

Tom’s career was subsequently blighted by drug problems.

Countries will become blighted and depressed regions, with mass unemployment.

His one overseas tour, to New Zealand in 1955-56, was blighted by injury.

However, large scale infill development is often difficult in a blighted neighborhood for several reasons.

The “clearance, replanning, development or redevelopment of blighted areas” is made a public and state duty.

But mistakes have blighted Stuttgart’s first three games.

Sometimes it’s not even clear who owns a blighted piece of land.

The long-standing issue of car admin and paperwork has blighted car owners for years.

Communities who’ve had their landscapes blighted by turbines will no doubt agree.

Only Starr, who was also sickly, grew up in poverty, in the blighted Dingle neighborhood.