Bleak in a sentence

use Bleak in a sentence


[adjective] giving little or no hope;

If a baby is born before 22 weeks the outlook for survival is very bleak.

She sighed a deep and windy sigh, indicative of bleak despair.

Harrington’s face was bleak as he stared at the cards on the table.

Many women and children in some Muslim-majority nations face bleak lives and enjoy few rights.

“These statistics paint a pretty bleak picture, ” she says.

It was a pretty bleak message in that movie.

[adjective] Unpleasantly and uncomfortably cold and damp;

My daughter adores sitting by the fire on a bleak winter night.

The bleak and damp weather of Boston in the winter time really bothers my grandmother’s arthritis.

I shall not forget the bleak evening I sat with him by the fire nearly two years ago.