blacksmith in a sentence

In the past it was not possible to commission a blacksmith for a box and screws.

John Trip’s blacksmith was well known and continued in operation until his death.

Robert was a master blacksmith, in charge of a staff of three at the estate smithy.

A blacksmith balances the fuel and air in the fire to suit particular kinds of work.

The smaller knives were likely within the fabrication ability of a common blacksmith.

More buildings had been added like a blacksmith‘s shop and also a hospital as examples.

Jwala has been injured by a tiger and is being healed by a poor blacksmith and his wife.

He also served as the postmaster and operated a tannery and a blacksmith shop in the town.

Early Life He stayed in school until the age of 16 when he became a blacksmith apprentice.

His departure opens the way for the blacksmith‘s son, Kay to become priest in Saint Brigid.

A blacksmith‘s shop, established around 1848, was also among the Town’s earliest businesses.

Russian officers and soldiers supervise a blacksmith placing shackles on a woman ( Polonia ).

The former suburb had three churches with mainly blacksmith, goldsmith, and coiner residents.

Irrigation canals were dug from the Spring Creek and from the blacksmith Fork and Logan rivers.

On this fenced-in property, there is a tipi for Native American classes, and a blacksmith shop.

While staying under the care of Mito, he observed Mito and notice he’s not a simple blacksmith.

Village Life May Day, Luddington Village Green, 1933. The blacksmith‘s shop is in the background.

The fire also severely damaged a blacksmith shop and workshop, a grocery business and a restaurant.

blacksmith and wheelwright shops emerged on the main arteries to service horse and buggy travelers.

‘In that case’, commented the blacksmith, ‘no rain should ever fall in a house where a dog is kept.’

When he was old enough, an unknown lord paid his apprentice fee so he could learn to be a blacksmith.

He is now retired and stays in a cabin in the Chilgap mountains, working with Yeongsil as a blacksmith.

The blacksmith decides to pass on his right arm to Cloud, which is tainted with the Fire Kirin’s power.

The town had a railroad, hotel, blacksmith, a church, newspaper, a post office, and, of course, taverns.

Will Turner ( Orlando Bloom ), a blacksmith who loves Elizabeth, frees Sparrow to aid him in rescuing her.

Other businesses, including a blacksmith shop and meat market, clustered around the mill at this town hub.

After a pause, the blacksmith begged to be allowed to ask another question to which Mirza gave his assent.